Fall 2011 Theme: Well. Enough. Alone.

Deadline: September 3, 2011

In his poem “Sunday Morning Early,” Wyoming Poet Laureate David Romtvedt describes a scene in which he and his daughter sit in “the russet and gold of late summer’s sunburnt grasses” listening to the stillness. Like any person deeply in love with a moment and the person sharing it, Romtvedt attempted a commemorative sentiment:

I say, “It’s Sunday, and here we are
in the church of the out of doors,”
then I wish I’d had the sense to keep quiet.
That’s the trick in life – learning to leave well enough alone.”

And so, for the Fall 2011 issues of Jackson Hole Review, we draw our theme from Romtvedt’s personal lesson on trying to preserve a moment that is already perfect, with a slight twist: “Well. Enough. Alone.” Why as humans do we feel the need to alter, or “improve, ” our environments? Aren’t they just how they have to be? What happens if we don’t intervene? Why do we collect things? What kinds of things are worth collecting? Do experiences need objects to make them real?  Why do we need witnesses to validate our experiences? What does it mean to be well or to have enough or to be alone in the American West?

Think about these words—”well, enough, alone”—individually and/or collectively, then send us your best poems, essays, fiction, photos and other visual arts works that speak to the idea of how we adapt to the West or otherwise adapt it to ourselves.



Email is the preferred submission method, and all submissions should be sent to Save files as .doc, .odt or text files, LAST NAME_TITLE OF ENTRY.  In the subject line, write SUBMISSION_TYPE OF ENTRY_TITLE OF ENTRY. Please include your full name and mailing address in the body of the email, as well as a short biography mentioning any previous publications if applicable. You will be contacted via e-mail if your work is chosen for publication, and payment is one copy of the magazine.

For poetry submissions
Limit two poems. Two page maximum.

For short-story/essay submissions
Limit one 2,000 word or less piece. Fiction and narrative non-fiction will be reviewed.

For photography/art submissions
No limit on number of submissions. Please submit a low resolution file for initial review.